Welcome to Kim’s Kannery

How we live

Everything that is made for my family is always fresh and healthy. Never use any artifical colours, flavours or preservers. Everything is natural and delicious as it should be.

A little about me

I always have provided and make for my family and friends with the freshest and high quality foods, which I will provide to your family. From my hands to your table.
As most Albertans I lost my job because of the oil and gas industry. I was growing a beautiful garden out at the cottage and thought what am ​​I going to do with all these fruits and vegetables.  I've been canning since my children were born so I could give them only the best, now they have families of their own, now I give the next generations only the best. So here I am with a new adventure.

My recipes are from my Mother-In-law and I’m sure some from her Mother and Mother In-law.

​I came up with idea of canned pie fillings after I purchased a canned pie filling from the grocery store and all I could taste was a chemical tinny taste, it was very disappointing.

The picture is not of me she is way prettier.

I thank my family for thier support.  My husband, my Mom and Children are my biggest  Cheerleaders. I feel very lucky and loved.